End Time Prophecies for San Francisco
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85. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 11 June 1992 at 2:35 AM. in tongues, Spanish and English


Ark! Ark! Ark! The Boat is going to enter through the San Francisco Bridge. Look at the Boat because the Hour and the Time has been set. Look at it with sharp eyes because it's going to frighten you, the Boat under the San Francisco Bridge. It is going to come now with its Dirty, with its Tears, with its Valiant Dogs. The Dogs, the Bad Dogs, the Dirty Dogs are going to come in the Boat to San Francisco, watch them with sharp eyes, because you're going to be frightened. (Non-understandable tongues?)


Now listen My Children, the day that I have been talking about in the other Prophecies in different ways, and in different manners, is for real. I want you to Pay Attention. I want you to listen to the Prophet, to the Prophecies, because you have it so easy now. You really do, you believe that it will always be this way, but I am sorry to disappoint you, for it won't always be this way. The only way that I can prepare you is to warn you, about what's going to happen in the future.

For I love you all, but Only the Clean Ones, the Righteous Ones, the Ones without Blemish are the Ones that are going to meet My Son in the cloud. For the hour and the day will be upon you without warning, without any sign. It will appear in an instant, then the beginning of the end will occur. You're used to what you're going to do today, what you're going to do tomorrow, but there is going to be a day that there won't be a tomorrow for this Planet.

Your minds, I am sorry to say, are so closed minded. You can see evil. You chase evil all over the place even if you're tied hand and foot, you would chase evil. But Me, your God of everything that is Pure and Righteous, you don't even look for Me. When My Prophet hands you My Word, with his right hand, with a tear in his eye, knowing, that he might lose his hand for giving you My Word, but that's the reality of this World.

You righteous Pastors, you righteous Theologians, you People who have your God in a box and can't see outside your box; in your rules and your regulations; who walk over the blind; and step on the deaf; you have no problem chasing the dollar, chasing that money. You use the Bible to feed your bellies. But do you reach out for My Saints in the street that are eating garbage, that are sleeping on the floor in the streets with no clothes, with nothing to eat? I am holding every Pastor, every Priest, every Officer that has an office in the Body of the Church of Jesus Christ of Nazareth responsible.

When your turn comes, when your knee bows, you better have the right answer, because Jesus Christ of Nazareth gave specific orders for you. He told you what to do. And Me, the Father, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, I cannot see that you're doing what you were supposed to do.

I see My Prophets, My Apostles being stomped on, being walked on, being kicked out of Churches, being tongue lashed, ridiculed, publicly exposed for speaking My Word.

The Wrath of God is at the heel of your shoes, you might not feel it now, but there is a day coming where that knee has to bow down and that tongue, that was used so cleverly to fatten your belly, will be wrapped around your throat. Mark My Words. As My Name is Jehovah, as My Name is Jehovah, as My Son is Named Jesus Christ of Nazareth, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, My Word will not come back Void; it never has and it never will.

For the condition of the church of today, that My Christ, My Son established, is in a shambles because of you Theologians, you Pastors, and you Priests. Look at yourselves, you Self-righteous People that are so lost, with the Bible in one hand, and a foot in Hell in the other.

How many times per week do you go visit the sick? How many times per week do you walk the streets helping My Saints? How many times a week do you feed the hungry? How many times a week do you clothe the Ones who don't have clothes?

How many times do you collect that money per week to clothe yourself, to feed yourself, to take care of yourself and your needs? How many times per week do you stick your hand out, and HOW MANY TIMES PER WEEK DO YOU REALLY REACH OUT?

Your time will be accounted for. Remember that! Your little meetings, your little organizations, how many souls have been lost because you have been too busy? At your luncheons, your dinners, your social events, how many people in the streets have died without being able to have their confessions heard?

With Tears in My Eyes and Love in My Heart, I look at the bureaucracy of your Church. For as the Church gets smaller Satan gets bigger, but it's all coming to an end. You can stick your chest out. You act Self-righteous and Proud that you're a man of the Cloth. A true man, a true pastor of Jesus Christ of Nazareth carries his Cross in the Streets, in the Alleys where most decent people wouldn't be found. That's where My Son sent you to look for the Sheep, the lost, the Ones in need. I want you to remember what I have been telling you.

The next time you give that pretty speech about how you will be blessed if you give to the church. For every dollar, every cent that you collect, that you justify and rationalize, and doesn't go to My Sheep, you will have to pay back Seventy times; Seventy for every penny, every dollar that you misused.

So stick that in your offering basket. So saith Jehovah, the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, and the Holy Spirit, for I am bringing to a close the life of this little Planet. For the ways of Man are finished, I say these things with a sad Heart. I sound Harsh. I sound mean, but you can't sound nice when your rebuking, but I do love you. Remember that also. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah.

121. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 29 June 1992 at 3:50 PM. Monday in Spanish and English


The boat. The boat that's coming to San Francisco is going to eat the people headfirst. Watch out! Watch out for the boat is now coming to San Francisco. Those that believe nothing is going to happen are the first that the boat is going to eat. The day is here, now, that I said, years, years, and years ago to My Saints, the day that was going to happen, the time is here now.

Eat your hardened heart for it's not going to help you. That hardened heart is of no value except for the Pit. That's all it's good for. Open your ears and your eyes and hear your Father, the God of all that is and what's going to be with My Son Jesus, the Christ, your King of Kings, because the time is here now that I said to My Saints in the Bible. The Day is going to come very fast. The Day that everything ends. Hear Me! Hear Me! My Sons, with your ears, and with your eyes the time is here now.


The hour of the day is approaching. The hour of the day is waiting for you. It's in front of your nose. If you're not aware of what's in the Bible, you better find out! You better find out in a hurry, for it will be upon you without notice, without any sign, without any clue. For I have been warning My Saints, My Sheep, My Lambs for years, for thousands of years that the day would be at an hour that no one would suspect.

I promised you I would warn you, because My Love for you is Great. My Love for you is Infinite. So My Lambs, My Sheep, prepare, make ready for the New World. For as the clock strikes twelve, which means the beginning of the new day, that will be the beginning, of the beginning, of the beginning of a New World as the clock strikes twelve. That's how it will be when the date approaches and the time will be upon you without notice. For the day, the hour, the minute, is only known by Me, Jehovah with My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the Holy Spirit.

For the dirt, the filth, everything that is dirty will be cleaned up once and for all. In a manner that will surprise you, for the beginning of the New World will be done as stated in the Bible, in the Books of Deuteronomy, John, Ezekiel, Joel, Daniel, Jeremiah, My Weeping Prophet. For he could see the results of the antichrist for he had tears for what he saw. So be it, but so be it, but so be it.

It will be done according to Scripture. For what I set into motion no one can stop. For I am the God of the Universe, of all that is, of all that's going to be, and of all that was. I am the First Word and I am the Last Word so take My Warning with all the seriousness that you have in your heart, in your mind, in your soul. For every Letter of every Word that was stated in those Books will be done according to what was said through My Spoken Word.

For My Lambs and My Sheep be strong, be courageous, for My Son will be at the appointed time for My Sheep and My Lambs. So saith Jehovah, Creator of the Universe, Creator of Heaven and Earth, Peace and Love and Tranquillity, for My Sheep, for My Flock, for your long and suffering lives are almost to an end.

With love and affection, this is your Father, with My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit, warmly and happily welcome you into Heaven for a well-deserved job in spreading My Word, in helping your Brothers and Sisters hearing of My Son's coming. Well done, good and faithful Servant. Well done, good and faithful Servant. Love Jehovah, Yahweh, Yahweh the Creator your Father, of all that is, of all that will be, the Maker, the Breaker of the Universe.

167. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 July 1992 at 7:42 AM. in Spanish.

The boat is going to come on the sixth in the year of the Ram. The boat is going to come. Did you hear Me, Reymundo? Did you hear Me? The boat is going to come on the sixth, in the year of the Ram, and you have to put down all that I am telling you. For its going to come with force and the force is going to scare the World, in the year of the Ram, on the sixth day.

Did you hear what I am telling you Reymundo? Open your ears and eyes and put down what I am telling on your computer. For the day is coming of the boat that's coming to San Francisco. Here comes the day of the boat.

For I am going to close the world with the force of the devil for the devil is everything that is filthy. I, the God of Heaven, of the World with My Son Christ and the Holy Spirit, I am going to shut the devil in the pit. For I am tired of all that is filthy and everyone that thinks they know it all. I am going to place them in the pit if they think like the devil.

For all that is of God is Clean and Straight and only what is clean and straight is going to Heaven with My Son, the Holy Spirit and Me. I want you to send the letters to where I tell you. I am going to give you the money and the people to help you. For no one can stop the Word of God. The One who made the World, the Stars. For the Force of the Holy Spirit, no one can stop. For what I say gets done with the Force of the Holy Spirit.

For My Son is going to come on the cloud and is going to pick-up the Saints that are clean, the righteous ones. The rest I am going to leave for the devil to clean. For the Ones who believe Me are going to do what I tell them and the rest are going to go with their god to the pit. The day is here that I told your father's father's father's father's, father's, and you have to jump and enter the Ark. For the Ark can save you.

You have to read the Bible and you have to look for your sons, your sisters, your father, your mother, all that love their Father in Heaven with the Son and the Holy Spirit. I want you to look for them in the streets, the older, the Ones that don't have food, the sick Ones. I want all the people, all My Saints to look for them now! "This minute!"

Don't wait, for the devil has already started. He is not waiting to do what he wants. I have already released him. He already is working day and night. For he has hunger for the Blood of My Son, the Christ. He wants to fill his belly with the Christians for the day of the devil has arrived.

Did you hear Me, Reymundo with your ears? What I am telling you. Write everything down as I told you. The day of the devil has arrived. For I just want what is Clean. I am going to clean this World from the top to the bottom. That's all I am going to tell you on this date, but the Love of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit is there.

I just want what is Clean and I will protect you with My Hands, with the Love of My Heart, with the Love of My Son, with the Love of the Holy Spirit. I will protect you but you have to study the Bible. You have to pray everyday until you cannot walk or talk. In that way you can save yourself if you STAY in the World and don't go to Heaven with My Son. Did you hear Me with your ears? That's all. This is your Father with the Son and the Holy Spirit.

185. Prophecy and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 13 August 1992 at 8:14 AM. in English.


I just saw a sailboat.



The Lord said, "The sail boat is coming to the San Francisco Bridge. Sail boat."

Prophesy over San Francisco. Tell San Francisco to Repent. To Repent or Die. This is the Word of Jehovah. Repent or Die. This is the Word of God Jehovah, the Creator, the Maker, the Breaker of the Universe. For I will not spare, I will not save the City of San Francisco unless it "TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY REPENTS AND CLEANS ITS WAYS." "For it's abomination is disgusting, it's revolting, and I will vomit everything that is evil in San Francisco."

For the day of the Lord Jehovah has arrived and will clean the City. For those who Love their lives, their Children, their Families and Friends, leave the City. "LEAVE THE CITY TODAY!" For My Hand will fall on San Francisco with vengeance, without mercy. My Hand will hit San Francisco, as I hit a fly. For everything in San Francisco is dirty, is filthy, and is an abomination to Me.

Take My Warning Serious. Repent and Correct your ways. For I will destroy San Francisco, the City by the Bay. The City of evil, at the appointed day, at the appointed hour, My Hand will strike the City of San Francisco and all that is evil. For My Ears and My Eyes cannot stand what is filthy, what is evil in that City any longer. If you're Clean, if you're Righteous, separate yourselves from the City of San Francisco TODAY! This Minute! For when My Hand falls on the City you will not have the time to run and hide, so saith Jehovah with the Lord of Lords, King of Kings, My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit.

My Christians, My Saints, My Lambs, if you love your lives, your families, your friends, LEAVE THE CITY TODAY! For Jehovah God does not Lie. For Jehovah God is Righteous, is Truth, with tears in My Eyes, with tears in My Heart, with the Love of My Son Jesus Christ, with the Love of the Holy Spirit, you have been warned. The Force of My Hand is irreversible, for what is evil, for what is dirty, for what is an abomination to your Lord Jehovah.

271. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 January 1993 at 1:37 PM.

I see something that is scientifically impossible. I see a rainbow in the middle of the night. I can see the city night-lights in the streets and building lights on. I see a full rainbow across the night sky and it looks like the San Francisco Bay Area, but I am not sure.

346. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 9 September 1993 at 7:30 PM.

During prayer in church I had a vision of a guillotine and the Lord said, "The beast will reestablish the guillotine." Then I had a vision of a bookshelf that spanned the whole room from one wall to the other. It was full of human skulls from top to the bottom.


A vision of the San Francisco Bay with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, then another nuclear explosion goes off. It was enormous. There was a bright flash at first, then this enormous ball shaped cloud at the center of the blast. It was incredible!

412. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 2 March 1994 at 7:30 PM.

During prayer in church service the Lord said, "Beware of San Francisco."

424. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 30 March 1994 at 7:45 AM.


I had the same vision I received about two years ago: Where these mountains of water hit a valley filled with suburban houses and totally destroyed everything. I can still see these mountains of water as if it was yesterday. This vivid vision did not have a location, but today the Lord revealed that it was the San Francisco Bay Area. The massive water hit Concord, California, in the county of Contra Costa, all the way to the town of Byron, some sixty miles inland. All that could be seen afterwards were the mountain peaks of Mt. Diablo and Mt. Tamalpais. They looked like two islands in the middle of the ocean.


Then the next vision was of a buoy swaying from side to side in the water.

425. Occurrence, Vision, and Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 5 April 1994 at 9:00 AM. in English.

A Christian Brother called me and said that he felt we had to go to Mt. Tamalpais, and anoint the top of the mountain with oil. So the next day after breakfast, we left and prayed all the way to the top of the mountain. Once there we parked in the parking lot, had Communion, anointed each other with oil, and prayed for the location that the Lord wanted anointed.

So after the parking lot prayer we started walking on the path that circled the top of the mountain, and prayed in tongues as we walked in the spirit. I also heard my Christian friend praying the twenty-third Psalms as we proceeded. Then about one third of the way around the top of the mountain we walked into some people sightseeing. We waited for them to move on, for we were praying out loud in tongues.

For some reason, I said to my Christian Brother, "Let's wait here."

So we climbed on top of these rocks, to the one side of the path, and waited until the people in front and behind us moved on. We sat there for ten to fifteen minutes praying and looking at the scenery, in the direction of San Francisco. Then as we started to leave, my Christian friend looked to the top of the mountain and said, "I think you should climb to the top of that large rock and place some oil on it."

Since my friend didn't bring the right clothes or shoes for climbing I had to try to climb this by myself. This large rock was almost vertical and very difficult to climb. I tried the best I could, but it was just too steep to carry this glass bottle of oil in one hand and try to climb with the other, and I was afraid of falling and breaking the bottle of oil.

Then my friend noticed another way around the large boulder with a possible way to the top. So I struggled up, in between these large rocks, and found another boulder higher, behind the one we first saw, and sensed that this was the rock that should be anointed. This newly found path also had a way of reaching the top of this higher boulder. So I proceeded to the top of this second boulder, to the peak and onto the ledge of this cliff, overlooking the east bay. Once I reached the top, I sat on it, and could see all over the east bay. I was facing Mt. Diablo from the Mt. Tamalpais direction.

After taking in the sights of the east bay, I started to pray and sensed that this was the real location that had to be anointed. So I anointed the rock in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, in a shape of a cross, with the oil which quickly changed into a big blob of oil.

Then the Lord said, "Dump it all, and turn the bottle upside down and drain all the oil onto the rock."

The only problem was there wasn't any place to turn the bottle upside down. Then as I looked, I noticed a perfectly round hole, on top of this solid rock, exactly the same size as the bottle of olive oil. It wasn't a crack in the rock, but a natural hole carved into the solid rock. So I turned the bottle of olive oil upside down, into this hole, and let it drain. Now the bottle could not roll off or slide off, so I left the bottle there draining upside down.

I had a sense, in the spirit, that the Lord had made this hole just for this bottle of olive oil, no telling how many hundreds of years ago. So I left the bottle there and climbed my way down the cliff, onto the path, where my friend was standing.

He asked me, "Where is the bottle?"

So I repeated what the Lord had said, and told him how this whole thing was so strange, from the direction the rock was facing the east bay, to how this place was found, to the hole in the rock to hold the bottle of oil.

As we talked, I told him of the two visions I had while we were waiting, on the side of the path, for the people to walk by.

426. Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on 5 April 1994

I saw a silver looking cord or pipe, about 5 inches in diameter, that extended from a place near the peak of Mt. Tamalpais to a place near the peak of Mt. Diablo. This cord formed a perfectly straight and level line, between the two mountain peaks, with the bay and the land in between the two mountains.


Then the second vision was of a canoe that was attached to this silver cord. It looked like a canoe tram, riding on this straight and level cord. I could see two people in this canoe, paddling with oars, but the canoe was attached to the cord or silver pipe somehow. Then the visions stopped.

After anointing the rock, we walked until we found ourselves at the very top of the mountain and found a fire lookout tower. From this location we could see the large boulder we had anointed, with a glass bottle of olive oil sticking upside down on top of it. For it was about one hundred and fifty feet from the lookout tower facing San Francisco. So we decided to pray some more and walked back down the path and found another rock near the fire lookout tower facing the east bay, and prayed for about a half hour.

Then Lord said, " It is done. It is complete. It is finished. I want you to leave now, but leave carefully. Be careful! Be careful!"

I remember, the Lord kept saying, "Be careful." So I told my Christian Brother the Word of the Lord and we left, very slowly and cautiously off the top of the mountain.

Spencer's Battery Trip

On the way home my Christian Brother said he wanted to stop at the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge at a place called Spencer's Battery. The U.S government had placed some cannons there, during troubled times, to protect the Golden Gate. So we prayed in tongues as we walked and reached the end of a cable handrail that stopped people from going over the edge into the water.

We could see ships leaving the bay, onto the Pacific Ocean, and it reminded me of the vision I saw months ago of a ship sailing into the Golden Gate and exploding a nuclear device. Now, I am seeing this same place except from a different angle. As I watched, I sensed the Lord showing me a before-and-after picture of the San Francisco Bay. During this I sensed the Presence of the Lord, and even now as I am tape-recording this occurrence, His Presence seems to be here.

It is scary and frightening recalling that vision and seeing the device go off in the San Francisco Bay. Today the Bay looks so clear, calm, and so beautiful, with many people going over the Golden Gate Bridge. And as I see it in the spirit, they are not aware of what's ahead of them.

Oakland Trip

Later that evening, the same Christian Brother asked me out to dinner. So, at 7 PM, we left for a Chinese restaurant, in Oakland, and fellowship as many Christians do. Then, all of a sudden, the Lord began to speak to me at the same time my friend was talking. This was a very strange sensation, as I heard my Christian brother telling me his views, on different subjects, and the Lord speaking to my spirit, at the same time, and being able to understand the both of them at the same time clearly.

The Lord gave me this Prophecy.

427. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 5 April 1994 at 9:30 PM. in English

Put it in the Book and write it down. Tell the Body of Christ to go door to door. Go knock on doors and tell everybody that. The End is coming, and that the Lord is coming. Tell them the Gospels, and go to the streets.

This is a Commandment! This is a Commandment! Do it Now! Quickly, for the End is before you. For the End is at Hand. Did you hear Me Clearly? Did you hear it to the Point? Stop whatever you are doing; get off your chair; get off your bottom, and start knocking on those doors. Now! Don't think about it, just be obedient. That is My Commandment. This is a direct order from your Father in Heaven, and the Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit.

Don't say you weren't warned. Don't say your weren't instructed. Don't play dumb. For it is here, the end of, "The Ends." I will not accept any excuses. You have heard My Word. This is a Direct "Commandment!" Go to the streets knock on your neighbors doors. Tell them that the Lord is coming... Today! Peace be with you, My Children. I love you all, for the trials and tribulations are ahead. Make yourselves strong, for here comes the Wrath of God.

Hear thee, O people! Hear thee, O people! Hear thee, O people, the Word of Jehovah, the Word of Jesus, the Word of the Holy Spirit. (over)

After dinner, my friend and I drove to my friend's church and prayed.

440. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 21 April 1994 at 9 PM. in English

A Prophecy given me during a night church service at the San Francisco Vineyard Fellowship.


Hear Me O people of San Francisco. Hear Me! There will be no revival in the City of San Francisco. For I have shut the door because of all the iniquity. Leave the City, for My Hand will hit the City of San Francisco without mercy for all the evilness, of the mind, of the heart. Leave the City and save yourselves. For I have closed My Eyes and I have closed My Ears, for the City of iniquity, for the City of Satan.

Hear My WordsÖ do as I say for the vengeance of the Lord is upon you if you live in the City of San Francisco. So saith Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. There will be no mercy. There will be no leniency, only the Wrath of God. Leave the City... today! Beware of deceiving Spirits.

682. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera 6 February 1995 at 6:30

During prayer I had a vision of water rising over the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge and totally covering it. I couldn't tell if the Golden Gate Bridge was sinking or if the water was rising over it, but as I watched, it disappeared and went under the water. The water covered the Golden Gate Bridge slowly almost like it sank into the San Francisco Bay. I couldn't see a large wave or any great disturbance in the water. It just slowly went under the water. (over)

916. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on the 16 June 1996

During prayer and worship the Lord said, "Go to San Francisco and renew your passport. For your time has arrived and it is here. I am going to send you out like Moses because I love the people below the United States. For the match will strike there soon. I am going to send a man to you and he is going to tell you what to do. I also want you to go to the brother in San Francisco who is suppose to be doing the Spanish translation of the prophecy book, and take your computer away from him. I want you to do it tomorrow."


So I went the next day and picked up the computer and the application for my passport. I guess, I am going to have to sit and wait for this man with my instructions. I would like state that during this prophecy the Lord showed me His Love for the defenseless people below the United States. It is very hard to explain an experience like this, but you can take my word for it, the Lord has an immeasurable Love for His people below the United States

944. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 19 August 1996 at 2:01 PM. in Spanish

How is it going, how is it going My son, how is it going? The chorizo (Spanish word for sausage) is ready. Yes - the sausage is ready. How are you? How do you feel? How are your hands My son? Do they hurt you? I told you that you would be able to finish the Prophecy.

I know that you are suffering, but that is nothing compared to how the world is going to suffer. What you have is nothing, but the world is really going to suffer. Itís going to cry with tears that are going to go up to Heaven, all the tears. But you know and I know that I tell them, and I tell them, and I tell them, and they do not want to hear Me. Then when they cry; they want Me to do something. But when I tell them to do something for Me, they laugh and they make jokes, for they do not need Me.

Look, Reymundo, I am going to heal your hands. I am not going to tell you when or how, but I am going to heal them. I told you to send her the letter. Why havenít you sent it? I am going to give you another chance. Send it today and everything will go well. Did you hear Me? I know that it hurts you to send it, but I know what is happening. I know the things of the heart.

Here comes the day that the bridge is going to fall. The bridge of San Francisco is going to fall with a Force that people are going to seek Me and you know what? I am not going to hear them, for there are men in San Francisco that want to get married with other men and there are women who want to get married with other women. How filthy is the mind of San Francisco. If you tell Me the name of San Francisco, it is revolting and nauseous to Me (Spanish: Me dar asco).

Thatís why I am not going to save anyone that has the mind of the devil - for it is nauseous to Me. They believe they are going to find wives and husbands in the manner of the devil, and all that they are going to find is the pit. I am not playing and I donít care if they get mad. How filthy are the spirits and minds of the city of San Francisco. They believe that they know a lot - We are going to find out how much they know when I bury them with the dirt, with My Hand. And I am going to hit them. If you have male and female friends in the regional area of San Francisco, in the cityÖ oh, oh, oh, cry for them. Fall onto your knees and pray with tears, for I am going to hit them. For when I get Mad - something happens.

But what can I do? I have to clean up this world. I have to save My Sheep. I have to do what it says in the Bible, all the Words that were written for Me - are going to happen - because they are clear and to the point. And I donít want to speak anymore about San Francisco, for if I tell you moreÖ I will get angry and I donít want to get angry right now.

I just wanted to speak to you to see how you are feeling. I know that you sense that I am changing you. I know that your mind is running like a computer. But have patience, for I am changing you little by little - for I donít want to burn you up. For when the Force of the Holy Spirit runs through the body, the body burns up - for the Holy Spirit is Clean and your flesh is filthy. Have patience, Reymundo, I am going to change you - for I have things to do and I want to use you. But I cannot use you like I want until I change you more. Did you hear Me?

Yes, I am going to send men and women to help you with the money that you need. But you know what? The things of the world are going to pass, and the things of the Spirit are going to grow until the point, until everything that I have made is going to STOP! But donít worry, for I have everything in My Hands.

I tell you exactly and to the point, it has arrived the day the bridge is going to fall in San Francisco. (over)

1123. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 14 November 1997 at 8:30 PM

During this Communion prayer from the above Occurrences, we also prayed for Carlís church, The Vineyard church of San Francisco. Because itís membership was way down from +700 down to about +300. Then the Lord said, "I am going to prune it back because I have given them many Words and Prophecies, and they did not do what I asked." (over)

1170. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 13 May 1998 at 8:17 AM

I had a very unusual evening. I got attacked in the middle of the night. This evil presence came into my room and started hitting my head. Then I felt like some kind of sore was developing on my tongue and it burned, and it burned. I still feel it right now! Every time I tried to fall asleep, this whatever it was would try to attack me. I had taken Communion earlier, and I prayed for my family members, who live with me, but this evil presence was so strong, I had to get up again and anoint my forehead, hands, and feet. Then I went back to bed and began to pray against it aloud! It seemed that the Lord could have taken care of the situation, but I did have a very realistic strange dream.

I really do not understand what is going on, but I believe this attack has to do with the Bible Study Notes on the end times, I am uploading onto the web site. I have been having so much warfare over it - it is so unbelievable. So the other night I asked the Lord to give me a sign or a confirmation. That what I was doing was correct! I prayed and I prayed and I prayed and I asked the Lord - that I wanted to see lighting and hear thunder as a confirmation. So I waited and I waited, for it was raining; and nothing happened! So I prayed myself to sleep.

Then the next morning I read in the newspaper, and saw on television that lighting struck and burned this multistory buildingís deck or awning in San Francisco. It cracked part of the building, and totally destroyed the deck or awing and it fell off the upper part of the building and hit the street below. Then I remembered my prayer, but I did not know if that was my confirmation from the Lord.

Then the next day we had four or five twisters (can you believe it - in the San Francisco Bay Area!). We never have tournedos in the San Francisco Bay Area. It blew some roofs off a few houses and uprooted some trees. All of this happened within a fifty-mile radius of my house. Then the Lord placed it in my spirit that this had to do with what I was doing. And you better believe it scares me! For I saw them on the television and these things were real! This one news program even instructed people on what to do in case a tornado hits your area. This reminded me of the spiritual attack last night, it was real too! So I am getting a different perspective on these Bible Study Notes on the end times that I am preparing concerning what I studied two years ago! (over)

1426. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 November 1999 at 10:36 AM.


I Lord showed me the letters Zorro, which mean "Fox" in Spanish.


How many times do I have to tell you - There will be no revival in the City of San Francisco, only death and destruction. I will tell you once more, if you value your life leave the City by the Bay. Why are My church leaders so blind and dumb in San Francisco? I tell them and I tell them, well, what befalls them will be on their own heads. I told Lot to leave the City or he would die and he left - Now I am tell you - if you live in the City of San Francisco to leave or die. I cannot put it any plainer than that. For the City of San Francisco will be totally destroyed by the Hand of God. So be it. So be it. So be it.

Also, Paris will not be Paris - it also will be destroyed by the Hand of God. Remember Lot - Remember My Power - Remember I do not Lie! So be it. So be it. So be it.

From KJV:

Gen 19:23 The sun was risen upon the earth when Lot entered into Zoar.

Gen 19:24 Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven;

Gen 19:25 And he overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground.

Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera 25 May 25, 2001 at 5:00 PM.

During a quiet time with the Lord at my house, the Lord gave this Prophecy:

The Promise Land Church (formally San Francisco Vineyard Church) will fall and San Francisco will fall.


Later at 7:00 PM during praise and worship at Carl's Bible study the Lord gave me a vision of the Planet Earth spinning on it's axis in outer space. As I watched I could see a small hole develop on the top of the planet. This hole began to get larger and larger and looked funnel like. As this hole got larger the planet eventually looked like a flat oval spinning in outer space.


Then the Lord showed me a vision of an hourglass with most of it's upper sand gone.


Then the Lord said, "The sand is almost gone and the church is still playing games! What a shame! What a shame!"


Then the Lord said, "San Francisco, the sinful city, will fall!"


Then the Lord gave me a vision of an airplane flying over the San Francisco Bay.


Then the Lord said, "When the airplane falls into the San Francisco Bay, it will be a sign that what I say is the Truth!"


Then the Lord gave me a vision of a large wooden wheel, the kind used on covered wagons.


Then the Lord said, "The wheel has begun to roll (move)."


Then the Lord said, "I died for you! Now you have to die for Me!"

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